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Welcome to Furniture Logistics Waalwijk

Furniture Logistics (FLOW) Waalwijk specialises in the complete logistical handling and distribution of furniture. Our many years of experience and our service-oriented approach ensure your furniture is handled and transported to their destination quickly and efficiently. Furniture Logistics Waalwijk is a division of the Van der Linden Group. 

Furniture Logistics (FLOW) Waalwijk transports and distributes furniture and covers all additional logistical and administrative operations linked to that.
Would you like to know more? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us, free of obligation; our experienced specialists are on hand to help.

Contact us

(exceptioneel) transport, op- en overslag Energieweg 7
5145 NW Waalwijk
telefoon: +31 416 67 52 30
fax: +31 416 34 36 50
koeriersdienst voor kleine pakketten Energieweg 7
5145 NW Waalwijk
telefoon: +31 416 22 41 30
vervoer en afwikkeling van zeecontainers Emmikhovensestraat 4
5145 PB Waalwijk
telefoon: +31 416 56 72 00
fax: +31 416 33 46 03
logistieke verwerking en distributie van meubels Mechie Trommelenweg 10
5145 ND Waalwijk
telefoon: +31 416 74 72 50
Van der Linden Transport, Van der Linden Express, ROC en FLOW zijn onderdeel van de Van der Linden Groep.